Think big think a little

दुनिया में जितने भी अविष्कार हुये, किसी की सोच का नतीजा थे, एक सामान्य सोच नहीं बल्कि एक बड़ी सोच (Big Thinking ) के कारण। व्यक्ति बड़ा तभी बनता है जब उसकी सोच बड़ी होती है। Big Thinking ही एक व्यक्ति को

Think big think a little

All the inventions in the world were the result of one's thinking, not a general thinking, but because of Big Thinking. A person becomes big only when his thinking is big. Big Thinking is what makes a person special.

There are three types of people in the world, first very successful and rich, second middle class who are neither rich nor poor and third comes poor people. If you look carefully, the rich man gets richer and poorer and poorer. The middle class remains mostly middle.

Why is a big man older? Is he physically stronger, does he work extra hours? The answer is no - a man becomes big and successful because of his big thinking and the fun thing is that he works less than a middle class and poor man, just he has a big Thinking occurs.

Middle class man's thinking is middle because of his common thinking, a normal man remains normal and a poor man's thinking is the same.

This is not just a motivational article, it is a training article, today after reading this article you will become the owner of "think positive & think big", I am going to give you some such training in this article. Friends, if you want to move forward, keep your thinking up because if your thinking is big then your dreams will be big and your spirits will also be big. -
1. Why big thinking is important, what is the use of it?

2. I will not do that, I do not care only 3. What will people say? "Biggest Disease - What Would People Say"

How does small thinking arise? 
You must have heard 'Little thought and sprain of the leg does not allow the man to move forward. Small thinking arises out of fear, fear of insecurity, short thinking arises out of not being able to think big, short thinking is produced by postponing work, small thinking is born by living life without aiming. A person with short thoughts thinks only and only time is spent.

Suppose you have to cross the river then what solution will come in your mind to cross it - "boat"
Let us now think that if you want to cross the sea, what solution will come in your mind - "Ship of water"
Meaning, your mind gives us solutions just as you think. So the biggest benefit of big thinking is that you will start getting great solutions.
- It's not about you
- Have seen your face
- bro is not so easy
- Have seen your marks, no one will even work

Let's talk in turn at these points -

1. Why big thinking is important- You will remember, in childhood, there was a subject of drawing, in which a picture was made and we had to fill it with color. If the color was left out of the line, then marks would also be cut and scolded. Friends, we have made our life the same way, we have made a small boundary around us and we are afraid to get out of that line, we have accepted that boundary as our life. We do not take risk and in the same scope we cut our whole life. By the way, if a person breaks his boundary and does something big with risk, then we are very happy to see him - wow, what is the matter, where did the man reach from where he is today, but he himself could never get out of his realm. We have limited ourselves. If you want to break that realm, you have to think big, dream big.

What is the benefit of this - Friends, today I tell you a new trick, whatever your mind is, it gives you solutions according to your thinking.

The other advantage of big thinking is that you reach a good place somewhere. Suppose you thought that I have to become the greatest doctor in the world, then if you are not able to become the biggest doctor in the world, then at least you will become the biggest doctor of Asia, if you are not able to become the biggest doctor of Asia as well. If you can not become a doctor, even if you are not able to become India, then at least you will become the biggest doctor of your city, and if you are not able to become a city then you will become a big doctor of your city or district. But if you thought that I just want to become a small doctor, then you will not be able to become a big doctor even in your own street or city, you will always remain a little fat.

The advantage of the third big thinking is that if you become a big person tomorrow, bread will reach the homes of millions because of you. If you become a big singer, then you will entertain millions, if you become a big doctor, you will save the lives of millions, if you become the owner of a big factory, then millions will get food because of you, millions will get employment because of you.

2. I will not do this, it is not about me - always remember, every person who is successful today also started very young. Every big work starts with a small one. "Start small think big" Bill Gates started the business from the back room of his house and founded Microsoft, the world's largest company today. Our former President APJ Abdul Kalam used to go to the newspapers every morning in his childhood and later became the world's greatest scientist. The beginning of these people was small but the thinking was always big. It is not that these people have never felt afraid, or have never been discouraged, they may have felt scared, they will also find the floor difficult, but there is victory in front of fear.

3. What will people say? "The biggest disease - what people will say" - in the environment around us we will find many people who will speak -
So friends, I want to ask you a question, do you have more faith in these people or on yourself? Do you know yourself better or do these people know more about you? Do you want to run your life in your own way or their way?

This life is yours, life does not give a chance again, it is not going on any rehearsal, this is life, the time you have lost is gone. When you have full potential, you are fully capable, so why keep yourself behind because of these people? People's job is to say.

Friends, remember, we had some dreams even today, when we were little, even 10 years ago, but we could not fulfill those dreams. Now think what your dreams are today, which are your places, if they are not achieved then how will you feel after 10 years from today.

Nature says, all these things in my lap are for you, if you ask me, then I should not tell you to say so. But I also have some conditions, you have to do some actions to get what you want from me. Because I have a rule that I do not give anything to anyone unless he wishes to have it.

Now the question is, how big is your desire, how big is your thinking, the bigger your thinking, the more you will get. I want to give you a lot, but you do not ask and even if you ask, then you are unable to meet the conditions of getting it and then tell people that my luck is bad. While the truth is that your luck is made by your actions. Because your thinking affects your actions and your actions.
Think ……………………………………………………………………………………….
King Ravana of Lanka had a Pushpak Vimana, which could carry anyone anywhere by air. Then would anyone have thought that in Kali Yuga, any person can travel on such a Pushpak aircraft on a ticket of only 2 to 3 thousand rupees. We can go to any corner of the world by airplane.

During the Mahabharata war in the Daupar era, when Sanjay was narrating every incident that took place in the Kurukshetra grounds to Dhritarashtra, Maharaja of Hastinapur, would anyone have thought that such a machine would be available to everyone in Kali Yuga. Through the Internet, any event in the world can be viewed on mobile or TV.
In the olden days there were jinn, who used to present anything before them at the behest of their master. Then would anyone have thought that in Kali Yuga, there will be such a machine which will answer every question. "Google" is a living example of this.

At that time, during the war, the most powerful weapon used was "Brahmastra", which was considered a very powerful warrior. Then would anyone have thought that there would be such a weapon in Kali Yuga that would completely destroy not just one person but a very large area. The atomic bomb is an example of this.

Friends, whether it was airplane or mobile phone, Google or nuclear bomb, who made all these things, after all, it is obvious that all these things were made by a human. And how man made it is obvious that the first beginning about him before any construction is "thinking" Now the question is what is the scope of your thinking.

Big magic of big thinking
The mind of a human being can also find what he can think, just he has to determine the scope of his thinking because when the scope of your thinking is big, then obviously the scope of your work will also be consistent with that and when your If the scope of work is large, then you will also get big results.

Thomas Alva Edison thought of creating a device through which the world could be published. He started experimenting and failed 10,000 times, but he believed that he would one day succeed and one day he came Succeeded and built the vidyut bulb. After all, it was the result of his thinking.

Vivek Bindra, the famous motivational speaker of India, says ………………………. Small thoughts and sprains do not allow humans to move forward. It is absolutely true that small thinking is like a mental illness that does not let the passion in us emerge and makes us lame, scares us before we do anything that there is danger in what you are thinking and we are afraid We are not able to move forward.

Whereas big thinking arouses our inner zeal, and creates a storm inside us that gives us the strength to hit and cross any rock. Just as there is the power of hemoglobin in the blood present in our body, if it is weak then disease prevails over us, but if it is powerful then disease is not able to dominate us.