The Too Hot To Handle Producers Enforced The 'No Masturbation' Rule In The Most Invasive Way

The Too Hot To Handle Producers Enforced The 'No Masturbation' Rule In The Most Invasive Way

Wrapping up the craziness that is Netflix's Too Hot To Handle wants to rise up out of an eight-scene fever dream. The principal request of business post-gorge? Looking for answers to your earnest inquiries concerning the show. One inquiry you may have had yet were too hesitant to even think about knowing the response to: How did the makers implement the "no masturbation" rule? 

Taking into account that cameras couldn't morally be in washrooms, watchers may be thinking about how the entire self-pleasuring viewpoint could be observed. Bryce Hirschberg, a candidate who joined the show halfway through the season, told the Hollywood Raw web recording that cameras lurked in the loo. "There were cameras all over the place, even in the restroom," he told the outlet. "In any case, it was only for CCTV, it wasn't for communicated, the ones in the latrine." 

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However, a maker disclosed to People that creation had the option to locate an increasingly secretive method of deciding if somebody was… getting a charge out of some time with themselves. When inquired as to whether hopefuls could've cheated, Peet stated, "They could have. In any case, we had, truly, the best spying, pervy makers we might discover. Simply joking!" She clarified further, "So we just got them to tune in—if there was anything dubious going on in the center of the night, they would need to be tuned in to by our transcribers, or our makers, who, lamentably for them, needed to begin decoding what various degrees of breathing implied. I.e., was it an honest excursion to the washroom, or something different? Best leave that to individuals' creative mind! We simply had people watching every minute of every day." 

To recap: this implies there were individuals on finance at Too Hot To Handle whose expected set of responsibilities included identifying if substantial breathing implied—work or pleasure(?!). Too bad, the pandemic sequence of media reports seethes on with one crazy news thing after another.