Best Hospitals 2015-16: Guide to the Terms

The following terms appear in the adult hospital rankings.

Which Practitioner Do I See, and When?

Here's a guide to choosing the right doctor for you and your family.

The Honor Roll of Best Hospitals 2015-16

Massachusetts General returns to the top spot in the 26th annual rankings.

Hospitals Have Little to Gain From New Payment Models

Many hospitals may not support new payment initiatives being tested under the Affordable Care Act.

New Paper Explores How Precision Medicine Can Flourish

Stakeholders discuss what more needs to happen to make precision medicine a reality.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby?

There's a huge price range for giving birth, a hospital study has found.

When Insurance Denies Your Hospital Upgrade

Appealing might get you into the facility you want.

Best Hospitals 2015-16: an Overview

Rankings by region and specialty, with an Honor Roll of hospitals that excel in complex specialty care.

What to Do During a Mental Health Crisis

If a loved one is facing a psychiatric crisis, stay calm – and read on.

Can Your Community Hospital Handle … This?

Experts help you sort out when to choose a major medical center, and when a local facility is just fine.

Patient of the Future

New 'smart' tools will empower millions to diagnose and manage their condition at home.

Some Hospitals Boost Health by Preventing Violence, Attacking...

Violence 'interrupters' help trauma staff, illustrating a shift in how to address community health.

Op-Ed: A New Prescription for the Health Care Industry?...

Focusing on nutrition can improve outcomes and reduce readmissions.

Half of Nation's Hospitals Fail Again to Escape Medicare's...

Overall, Medicare's punishments are slightly less severe than last year's; 2,592 hospitals are impacted.

Health Care Industry Rethinks Leadership, Delivery of Care

Swift industry changes bring about a demand for new, entrepreneurial-focused leaders.

The Travel Trend in Health Care

Facing surgery? Your employer may suggest a distant hospital.

When the Hospital Is Boss, That's Where Doctors' Patients...

It also boosts chances that patients will go to higher-cost, lower-quality hospitals, researchers found.

Doctoring From a Distance

With leaps in technology, benefits of telemedicine keep expanding.

Hospitals Are in the Business of Prevention

Hospitals today are intent on keeping people well.

Study: Doctor-Owned Hospitals Are Not Cherry-Picking Patients

Some say doctors choose the most profitable patients, but a recent study suggests critics are wrong.