Popular Google Doodle games are making a coronavirus comeback

A new way to distract from COVID-19 boredom.

Need something new to play while exhausted and stuck at home? Google's bringing back a portion of its most mainstream Google Doodle games to help. 

For the following fourteen days, the hunt goliath will highlight probably the most well known logo games on its eponymous landing page. Monday's opening shot Doodle is 2017's Coding for Carrots game, in which you complete strides to direct a hare to a carrot. 

Google has openings for nine extra games recorded as "coming soon" yet it is not yet clear if works of art, for example, Pac-Man, the Rubik's Cube or the free-toss challenge will make returns during this run. 

"As COVID-19 keeps on affecting networks the world over, individuals and families wherever are investing more energy at home," the organization said in an announcement on its Google Doodles site. "Considering this, we're propelling a return Doodle arrangement glancing back at a portion of our mainstream intelligent Google Doodle games!" Big Hungama.com

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